‘lifestyle’ is a new video in the player above.

‘lifestyle’ is what brands call images that aren’t surfing. like, photos of you walking down to check the waves, drinking a cup of coffee, chillin on the beach, whatevs. they’ll say something like this: “dane, can we come up on wednesday and shoot some lifestyle stuff?” that means i’ll put on some clothes and we’ll go eat lunch and i smile while they snap ‘lifestyle’ shots. or we’ll be on a trip and the photographer gets an email “we need some lifestyle shots in the boardshorts” and then the photographer takes photos of you on the beach in boardshorts. on this particular trip, we got lots of ‘lifestyle’ stuff. in fact that’s nearly all we got. i had one fun session, craig had zero.

here’s what happened. i hadn’t travelled in a few months because i gave myself an anxiety disorder from staying on the road too long without getting a chance to recuperate. i was feeling fairly recuperated when i got an email from kelly slater regarding hurricane leslie “if there’s ever been a storm to go to the east coast this is it. slabs, points, reefs etc” i thought this was a good opportunity to get back in the groove and booked a flight. now kelly is notorious for backing out on trips, and this was no different. hurricane leslie stalled out and turned up cold water and only sent a weak windswell. kelly, being much more in tune than we are, sensed this was going to happen and didn’t bother.

my favorite thing about this place was the lawns. everyone has a huge neatly mowed lawn. it’d cost a fortune to keep a lawn like that green in california but i think it rains enough here to stay green naturally.

the song is by the magnetic fields



What Youth Issue 2 is now available on whatyouth.com. it features a surf trip that i participated in, in which we bobbed around in a boat in the indian ocean catching waves and getting sunburnt. it was sweet. it’s shown in the video above.

the issue also features a fashion pictorial directed by kortenie in which we stayed in vallejo,  took pictures of models at a zoo, got our credit card information stolen, ate at olive garden, had beers at applebees, touched sloths, skunks, pigs, penguins, a serval, and some other stuff. we drank grape soda out of licorice straws and woke up the next day and drove away.