well, summer teeth is dead. you can say whatever you want, but you can’t say we didn’t try. i won’t bore you with too many details but here’s whats up. i started summer teeth a few years ago. quiksilver say’s uh uh, you can’t be affiliated with a conflicting brand, but we’ll do a liscensing agreement. i was like, ok, sweet. signed the deal. it lay’s dormant for a bit, then suddenly we need to catch up on seasons. fall 2012 they need 10 tees, sweatshirts, knits, hats, wallet, etc. spring 2013 10 tees, sweatshirts, hats, knits, towels, etc. fall 2013 10 tees, sweatshirts, knits, hats, etc. then they need an ad by wednesday. just like bang bang bang. wtf am i gonna advertise? we don’t have anything for sale and i haven’t even seen a sample from the first line! i go shoot some weird stuff, make an ad. then they need another ad. i’m like um ok i’ll scrape something up. this keeps going. i finally see the first tees, i’m not too happy with the t shirt blank or the print quality but it’s too late to change. at this point i’m sorta wondering what’s the point.

anyways, i totally said i wasn’t gonna bore you with the details, but basically it just wasn’t very gratifying, and i was in limbo of where to go from there, then i read on the internet that quiksilver dropped half their team along with vstr and summer teeth. so it’s done. i’d like to thanks anyone who bought the tees. i appreciate the support. keep em they’ll be collectors items! if they don’t disentegrate into dust in 2 years.

there’s no regrets, it was a huge learning experience. i appreciate that quiksilver believed in summer teeth, and i understand that they made an investment and needed a return. that’s just reality, but that’s why it bites. i wasn’t ready for it. i’m a surf junkie with minimal skills besides slicing waves. oh yeah, and look for summer teeth shit at ross or t j maxx i guess that’s what they do with expired inventory. the next line was gonna be a scorcher.

well, back to scheduled programming. this time an introduction to slow dance. a 30 min. color surf video with craig anderson. due june 2013

a few months ago the guys from the magazine ‘what youth’ were staying in ventura and i stopped by. they were talking about ideas for the next issue and i said they should blow everyones mind and do something with kelly. they said that sounds cool, but i should do it. i started getting sorta excited about the possiblility cause kelly’s an interesting person and every interview i read with him they talk about world titles, board design, cool stuff, but i remember staying with him in tahiti and he had like 17 browser windows up and all of em were conspiracy sites. he’ll say random stuff about how there’s 4 million species of flies. or i remember driving with him for a few hours in south africa and the whole time was a debate about religion and the existence of god. shit like that. so anyways, i though it’d be cool to interview him. i don’t like asking people for stuff, in fact i rarely do. but i sent him an email asking if he’d be into it. he replied ‘sure. whatever.’ so at that point i figured it was never gonna happen and was like ‘oh well at least i tried’ cause i was pretty nervous anyway.

but then i saw him surfing rincon, he offered to meet up. we met at channel islands factory, i waited for an hour and a half while he was on a call, kinda freaking out, all the worst ways the interview could go weighing on my mind. but then he came upstairs, he was really responisive it flowed well. we talked for a half hour, i took a few pictures. done. relief. i transcribed it submitted it to the magazine. now it’s printed and i’m sorta pretty proud of it. mega thanks to kelly for making it happen. the magazine is for sale now on whatyouth.com go buy it.

reality haseth bitten. if you’re willing and able, and in new york, it will be fun, so you should come.

discharge. i apologize for making you pronounce that word in your head. it’s disgusting. the visuals it produces are horrible.

track by Ryan Garbes – “1965″ Night-People records 2012

ayo whattup you now in the presence of the of the royal premium beaded tornado aka cactus cooler also known as the magnificent ox of paradise. word, you in the presence of the mighty miracle of the spiritual unknown yo, i be pushin keys while you was sleepin all cushiony in a splendorous mountain of duvet’s, like tap tap tap, and like a muthafuckin genie, like muthafuckin aladdin yo, that shit materialized. i aint gon waste too much of yalls time on introductions n such, as most yall already kno, napkin handles da video cam like she’s fuckin tom bergeron, and mini aint too sweet if you be poachin his shit yo! he be like, all crabby n shit, but he be aight. without further ado:


filmed / edited by mini blanchard

track 1. half japanese. i’m sorry

track 2. lionel ritchie. hello

track 3. j dilla. last donut of the night

napkin hi

filmed / edited by pitty the princess aka dobermans pincher also known as a1 the mac daddy or chick nugg the phenom. napkin apocalypse.

i tried really hard to come up with something sweet that cleverly used the name taj, but i think they’re all used up. i considered ‘hostaj’ but no, at least ‘shortaj’ makes sense cause the video’s a little chinsy on clips.

taj was in california for the us open, and i warned him that the waves were going to be bad, that we should probably try to shoot in orange county for this stab thing, but he ignored my warnings and drove up. it was really bad. the footage doesn’t show you the half hour lulls. when he walked down the beach the groms started arguing about if it was really him. then he paddled out and they shot silent glances back and forth when he got close enough to be certain. it was a fun day, but we decided to head to lowers to finish the stab thing. taj got some sick ones but they got posted on the internet like 2 days later. bleh. so i told stab we didn’t have enough for a video. i saw the stab article so i re-watched the video and it’s actually not so bad. the song is sweet. it’s ‘fit and working again’ from the fall.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

abby portner is responsible for a large portion of all the sweet animal collective graphics and multimedia stuff. i first saw her drawings in fader magazine, or that’s when i recognized her as the one behind the animal collective album art…  anyways i was stoked on her drawings and we commissioned her to do some tee shirts for summer teeth. i think they turned out pretty dope. clover wears them below. they’re available in the store now.

is it a webisode? a vlog, a blog, a podcast? i’m pretty sure it’s not an original short. doesn’t that need, like, a plot or something? some sort of narrative? where’s the exposition, the complication, the crisis, the climax, the resolve? maybe it’s an anecdote. or like a poem. if it were a poem it would probably go like this:

the saddest thing i ever did see

was a woodpecker peckin’ at a plastic tree.

he looks at me, and friend, he says

things aint as sweet as they used to be.

that’s by shel silverstein. the track on the video is black flag. i’m pretty sure it’s called a webisode.

my g-friend courtney and i psycke on birds of prey. like seriously. she practices falconry and i’m just a fan. whenever we’re in california we’re constantly watching tree tops, light poles etc. for red tails or if we’re lucky, something sweet like a coopers hawk or a red shoulder. when we see one, she does this kermit voice like ‘oh yeeeaah, cool, man ‘ as if that’s what the hawk is saying to us, so i’ve almost begun to believe that hawks speak like that. she’ll bring home hawks and owls that she finds dead, hit by a car or whatever, there are many hazards for hawks, and give them a burial.  when we travel we research what sort of birds of prey lurk in the area and psycke out when we get to see one.

one day in france we were walking by the lake looking for spiders to film for craig’s movie, since he hates spiders, and i saw a bird writhing in the dead leaves on the ground. it was a eurasian hobby. we watched in disbelief as he took his last breath 10 seconds later. courtney says that maybe he died from eating a rat that had just eaten poison or possibly he flew into the wall chasing prey. we photographed him and dug a hole for him and then the sun came out for the first time that day. i wasn’t sure of his religious beliefs but based on the popularity of catholicism in france we gave him a cross. the full documentation is in ‘reality bites’