if you’re in california and can come i think you should and i would be stoked if you did. it will be a fun night. doors open at 7, giveaway is first, then LOADED, then peaking lights, then wolf eyes.

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some new archival stuff, this time unreleased. alex kopps and i were doing stand up boogieboarding at emma wood one flat day when he got the idea to shape a boogieboard specifically meant for standup riding. and that’s what we did. we went into channel islands at 3:00 pm on a friday afternoon and were done by 5 with a stand up boogieboard called the skin flute. pretty silly, but actually kinda fun to ride. ‘whatever…’ series are by alex kopps and the last video is by mini. i’m pretty sure this was february 2010 when i made this… then randomly, a few months later, i think it was hobie that came out with a board model that was exactly the same!

if you haven’t heard yet i’ll be giving away my 1990 Volvo on February 1st at the majestic Ventura Theatre. All you have to do is post a pic of your ID photo on instagram and hash tag #gimmedatcardane. the criteria is ‘so surf it hurts’ wetsuit tans, sunscreen, sunburn… but in the end i just want to hook up a stoked kid, so ‘so teenage it hurts’ is part of the criteria too. there’s second and third place prizes as well. oh yeah, and i’m premiering my new surf video Loaded as well. heres some of my favorite entries so far -


archival re-release #3. Get psyched.


archival re-release #2.  this one’s from 2009. you can tell we didn’t know anything about color correction back then! not that we’re masters at it now or anything. in fact i’m going to hire someone to color grade loaded cause i’m shit at it. anyway, this was a fun session. one of those beautiful california afternoons with light winds and a little swell.

throw back errr… saturday? in anticipation of Loaded, coming at the end of this month, i’ll be posting some archival marine layer videos. this one’s from 2010 i believe, riding a 5’4″ borrowed from Yadin Nicol. you can tell i start to like it more throughout the session. i believe that board went on to be a prototype for the early weirdo rippers, but it didn’t really ride like one, it rode way more flat and glidey and wonky, like a fishcuit or something. oh yeah, and that’s legendary skateboarder Natas Kaupas at the beginning, back when he worked for quiksilver, we were having a very important meeting, surely, about sticker placement and stuff…


Loaded started shortly after i finished Slow Dance and i wanted to do a video documenting the premiere tour, but i was also doing a little video piece with taylor knox, and i had the idea of cramming it all together without context and calling it ‘Loaded.’ then it gathered steam and i wanted to keep filming for it and here we are in january 2014 and it’s all coming together and neither of those things are even barely showcased but it has turned into something bigger, and ummm… it’s premiering JAN 31st in L.A. (location TBD) and i’m giving away my trusty old volvo. Details coming soon. check out the trailer. yep. -Dane


entering ACTIVE phase MLP 2014


arc was one of my favorite surf videos when i was a kid. i’d watch it and then go surf and try to imitate the lines taylor took or his stance or his maneuvers or, ideally, if it all came together all of those things at once. i also psycked on dan malloy and taj burrow and i’d watch taylor steele videos religiously, but that’s not important right now… i’m getting off track.

last year i slipped up and told the guys at surfing magazine that power surfing was irrelevant. what i really meant was that the classification or labeling was irrelevant, not the act of it, but that got them excited to get taylor knox and i together for an article in the magazine. cabo was decided as the ideal location and off we went. in arc it looks like bathtub warm water and gentle, crumbly rights. but when we got there it was cold water, devil chop, shitty, dumpy rights. i intended on filming for a bigger project, to be released later this year, but the quality wasn’t there.

check out surfing magazine next month for the article on power surfing, it should be cool. taylor dropped some serious surf philosophy, and we did another trip for it where we got better waves.

tracklist – yo la tengo – isolation tank

the jon spencer blues explosion – get old


this is my iBook that i bought with photo incentives when i was like 16. i gave it to mini (currently principle filmer for marine layer, but was at the time probably working for josh williams) in probably 2004. well, he just gave it back, and i skimmed though the hard drive via the firewire connecto trick and wanted to share some stuff that was on there.

this video is from mini’s early explorations into iMovie. i get asked a lot about the progression of surfing and always think it’s a silly question. i mean, it just seems obvious to me, people aren’t going to get worse. kids aren’t going to start surfing slower and doing smaller airs. of course they’re going to take what older guys were doing and take it further. and in my eyes there’s rarely anything groundbreaking, it happens incrementally. but then in 8 or 9 years you really see a difference.

i watched matt banting’s ‘living california’ edit on stab the other day. and it was really cool to compare it to this video. i think we’re pretty much the same age, surfing the same shitty waves, and he’s doing the same shit, just more refined, bigger, faster, more rotation.

you know what’s really progressed a lot? video quality.this is unbelievable. first chapter, in it’s infancy, yet to be named, was funded and controlled by quiksilver australia. they hired jason muir and george opachy from a company called ‘the construction site,’ which had made young guns 1 and 2, to produce it. this was the first imagery that i received from them. i really have to thank natas kaupas, who worked at quiksilver in america at the time, cause he saw this and was like ‘oh hell noooo’ and took over the art direction. he gave it the title ‘first chapter’ and gave it a serious nudge in the right direction. it was still produced out of australia and i stayed in north sydney for 6 weeks editing it at the construction site. but the ‘oh hell nooo’ attitude stuck with me through the editing process which gave it it’s bratty attitude, and natas’s art direction really saved it from being just a giveaway/throwaway type of movie.andy. nias, maybe 2004.same trip. this is what happens when you’re a grom on a boat trip. i was really lucky to get to do trips with andy, bruce, mick fanning, cj, taylor knox, shane dorian, and kelly in my late teenager years. especially surfing wise, but also culturally (for lack of a better word). the taylor steele trip era is done, and now its the energy drink trip era, and i feel lucky to at least been apart of the end of the taylor steele trip era.danny fuller, travis logie, jake patterson, kelly slater, fred pattachia, me, and… giselle. i think kelly may have been dating her at the time. she came down to the trestles contest and somebody wanted to take this photo and i remember thinking it was kinda funny that he had his arm around her.this was in japan the last year that quiksilver had a wct there. i got the wildcard and lost to andy in the 3rd round. the waves were incredible. this was the year that andy and kelly had the epic final and shit, who ended up winning? i think andy, but they were both killing it. the waves were huge and kelly took me to surf this outer reef that he had seen from his hotel room window. he called it mathra which i think is a godzilla reference. it was terrifying. it was like a 10 ft crazy ledgy takeoff into a closeout.

this was a flat day before the contest started. golf aint my thing. i ended up carrying my ball the last few holes cause it was maddening trying to hit that dumb little ball straight. i was hyped on the clothes quiksilver japan had given me though.curt harper. if you live in california i’m sure you’ve seen him driving kids around to go surf. he used to pick me and geoff brack up to go surf. now he picks up other 13 yr old kids to go surf. forever young.ry craike/clay marzo. young guns 2 trip. i miss travelling with these guys. the photo of ry is incredible.santa clara 2004. i swear the waves used to be better in california.and finally, young mini. in costume on the left and boogieboarding on the right.