ozzy tarantino made this edit for slow dance,,, i think for bonus stuff or something.. not sure if it’s out there on internet or not but ~ C H EK IT O U T

YouTube Preview Imagevibing on some surfing from times past ~YouTube Preview Imagerad time in surfboard design.YouTube Preview Imagedamn i wish pottz would quit calling miguel pupo ‘the brazilian gerry lopez.’ speaking of pottz ~ YouTube Preview Imagethe bottom turn at 6:10 OMGYouTube Preview Imagedave stansfield! epic contest footage from 1989. i believe pottz went on to win the world title this year? or i think he won in 1990 so the next year, but either way, cool to compare to where the comps are at today.

‘THIS IS DANE REYNOLDS’ is part of a documentary series by french action sports lifestyle mag Desilusion. they call it a documentary but it’s more conceptual than that (moping around the north shore getting introspective about my surf career isn’t really what i do, if you know what i mean<(‘o’<)) if you look through the archives (what a list!) you’ll see the pattern i’m talking about… but regardless it’s a cool series, and i’m honored to have been selected as part of it. CHEK it OUt i’m gonna post some of the other vids out of the series below —–> (leaving out trouble andrews cause that dude seems like a kookK) (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

too early to reference the 00′s? dunno but the limp bizkit part is amazing and so is andrew’s surfing. super raw and weird.aha, and the 90′s are so hot right now. i hate the title but the surfing is some of the gnarliest shit i’ve ever seen. sorta polar opposite to andrew’s, just pure physical ability, super athletic. both these parts make me amped to go tear the shit out of some waves… still waiting on a sore knee.

oh, and i’ve been backing up and organizing the catacombs of mini’s hard drives, an arduous job, and watching old videos, and wanted to repost some that didn’t make it to the new site when we renovated it a few years ago – here they  are- i think they aged well for web clips.this one was never released… trying an mtf at the queenanother one session one – feeling silly on valentines dayoh shit! i’ll take it waaayyy back to another one sessioner   ok enough for now

               .------..                            _------__--___.__.
            /            \_                       /            `  `    \
          /                \                     |.                     \
         /                   \                   \                       |
        /    .--._    .---.   |                   \                      |
        |  /      -__-     \   |                    ~-/--`-`-`-\         |
        | |                |  |                     |          \        |
         ||                  ||                     |            |       |
         ||     ,_   _.      ||                     |            |       |
         ||      e   e      ||                        |   _--    |       |
          ||     _  |_      ||                       _| =-.    |.-.    |
         @|     (o\_/o)     |@                        o|/o/       _.   |
           |     _____     |                        /  ~          \ |
            \ ( /uuuuu\ ) /                        (/___@)  ___~    |
             \  `====='  /                            |_===~~~.`    |
              \  -___-  /                           _______.--~     |
               |       |            //              \________       |
               /-_____-\       .  _//_                      \      |
             /           \     \\/////                    __/-___-- -_
           /               \    \   /                    /            __\
          /__|  AC / DC  |__\   / /                      -| Metallica|| |
          | ||           |\ \  / /                       ||          || |
          | ||           | \ \/ /                        ||          || |

dillon perilllo and morgan maassen just released this pretty sweet 7 minute and something webclip. i’ve watched it 3 times already, i dig dillon’s surfing and some nice visuals from morgie, C H E K it O U T and get S T O K E D.

YouTube Preview Image

omg this shit is hilarious. this was back when michael crawley was running the show at quiksilver. he bought me some coachella tickets and i was like ‘ohhh great ok so i guess we’re going to coachella’ and granted we had fun, saw some bands play from 1/2 mile away and cooked in the beer garden, watched lots of kids on drugs acting a fool, and australians! australians love drugs and music festivals and dressing like native americans. i swear it was 2/3rd’s australians. but crawley’s motivations were clear 1. party 2. product shoot. so since partying took up most of the weekend, we stopped on the way home to shoot product stuff… windmills look cool! perfect! snap a few pics shoot a roll of super 8 bam new quiksilver campaign.

then on the backend, i wanted to use this short instrumental from the band MAN MAN, but quik didn’t want to pay for rights so they had someone engineer a similar song just off the copyright infringement rule, but it sucked so last minute i recorded a riff i made up on the guitar in garage band and had courtney say the lines like ‘style’ ‘comfort’ ‘confidence’ ‘physical attraction’ and my favorites ~ ‘like the runway’ and ‘embrace your spirit, cover your legs’ then added the ‘epic diva’ effect to her voice and turned it in.

it was up on the quiksilver site for like 2 days and i think they played it like once at the quiksilver new york event. so i don’t think it was received very well internally. but i still think it’s pretty hilarious.

on another note, i’ve been working closely with the new crew over there and it’s pretty exciting what’s going on. everybody was pretty devastated about losing kelly, but also see it as an opportunity to make some big changes and redirect the brand. rebirth. next episode. new dimension. and the way that they’re paying homage to the past but looking forward is refreshing and looking super dope.

some NEW SHIT from marine layer to keep the stoke alive! it’s mostly b sides from loaded, not many people know, but i tore my mcl 6 wks ago today, and the dr gave me 6-8 wks recovery time, so ‘FEED’ is a celebration of sorts, cause yeah, you’ll be seeing me on the slopes pretty damn soon. oh yeah, and also, there’s a small cameo from now deane. he came and stayed at my house for a few days in jan. rad. check the video in the player at the top of the page.

YouTube Preview Image

jason blanchard, principle filmer for marine layer productions, put together this retrospective compilation of his favorite waves he’s filmed. august 2011 to current. from trips for dear suburbia and assorted marine layer productions projects. CHEK it OUT

remember DEAR SUBURBIA?  shit man i do. this was the first trip for that movie, in august 2011. i went back a month later with john john and dillon perillo and yadin and the footage from that trip totally eclipsed this stuff cause the waves were even better, and this footage didn’t even make it into dear suburbia, it made it onto the web at what youth, in their infancy, and now it’s buried in their archives, but… what youth’s videos are now shareable and this ones definitely worth revisiting.
the crew ~yadinkoloheconnerme